Hotel Star International

Dec 10, 2019

Hotel Star International is the only hotel in the area offering 3-star amenities and services of a very reasonable price. Hotel Star International has been working suitably located in the heart of the instruction and silk city of Rajshahi in Bangladesh. Its valuable location is strictly expedient anyone can simply get convey and use own vehicles easily. The pleasant landscape of natural beauty can enchantment anyone completely. The surroundings of the lake next to the hotel convey that made it the best hotel in Bangladesh.

Hotel star is the best hotel in Rajshahi maintaining top security factors such as CCTV cameras and guards. This best hotel of Rajshahi offers all of the modern services. The hotel management guarantees the neat and cleans surroundings, highest comfort and the most amazing luxury. To accumulation, it should be said that hotel star not only affords the complete and the most dissimilar service to the guests but also it judges getting the support of visitors. The munificent service of skilled employees may give surety an international environment. The enjoyable view from the top of the municipal area can draw guests much what they cannot see from other hotels.

Hotel Star International has its multi-cuisine restaurant that provides local and international delicious dishes and delicacies to excellence for its visitors. Rooms are highly decorated with modern fixtures and facilities as like as others. The open-air gives much pleasure that guests never forget.

In Additionally Hotel Star International provides a first-class convention center for any social program like wedding, birthday and business party. There is also a meeting room for a secure conference. A play-zone has facilitated to play table tennis, pool and billiard. The rooftop facilities are like B-B-Q and open space for a couple. All of these places are equipped with full of multimedia system.

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  • Established
    Product & Service Hotel & Resort
    Address: Nowdapara Aamchattor, Bypas Road, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: +880 721-761263, +880 1784-400700
  • Our Facilities:

    1. High speed Bandwidth Internet Wi-Fi, cyber cafe
    2. Our front desk managers serve your every need.
    3. Two restaurant facilities (2nd and 7th floor).
    4. Bigger Shopping Mall.
    5. Swimming pool
    6. Conference room
    7. Health club
    8. Open-roof garden
    9. Car services
    10. Corporate relationship with the Azmol Hospital insures
  • Type Price USD ($)
  • Coming Soon…

  • Name: Hotel Star International, Rajshahi
    Address: Nowdapara Aamchattor, Bypas Road, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
    Contact Number: +880 721-761263, +880 1784-400700

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