Novem Ecoresort

Aug 24, 2019

Novem means ‘New’; something is new and exceptional than others. Novem Ecoresort is to develop the quality and range of Bangladesh Tourism. This resort riches its popularity by creating an ecologically sustainable luxury resort. The resort is designed with the natural features through hilly lands at Sreemongol, Sylhet, Bangladesh. This place provides supreme serenity with extreme privacy and staying directly with nature. Novem Ecoresort is one of the closest objectives to an incident the tropical heaven of Bangladesh. The resort has its tea garden located on the hillocks surrounding the elegant valley.

Novem Ecoresort is prepared with fully equipped conference room, indoor sports room, outdoor swimming pool and a badminton court. The structures built by wood, mud, straw and bamboo. The wooden bridge connects two hillocks gives an exciting view of the overall resort. The mud cottage provides a spirit of peaceful rural Bangladesh. It has its very own adjacent swimming pool. The wooden villa offers the essence of a modern chalet. It has a private pool on the top of the hillock. People will experience luxury in the Novem VIP cottages to appease their weariness.

Novem Ecoresort is located at Bishamoni of Srimagol. This is Tea Garden area. The main attractions are Lawachara National Park and Tribal villages. Lawachara National Park is around four kilometers from the Resort.

It is very suitable to travel to the resort by bus or train or Air. It is about 178 km by road, 234 km by train and bus and train services are available from Dhaka to Sreemongol town. By Air, anyone can also travel as Dhaka to Sylhet and then Srimagol. Novem Ecoresort also can arrange to pick and drop service for guests from the bus stop, train station or Sylhet airport.

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  • Established
    Product & Service Hotel with all important facilities for business
    Facebook Facebook Page
    Address: Bishamoni Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
    Contact Number: +880-1709882000
  • Our Facilities:

    1. High speed Bandwidth Internet Wi-Fi, cyber cafe
    2. Our front desk managers serve your every need.
    3. Two restaurant facilities (2nd and 7th floor).
    4. Bigger Shopping Mall.
    5. Swimming pool
    6. Conference room
    7. Health club
    8. Open-roof garden
    9. Car services
    10. Corporate relationship with the Azmol Hospital insures
  • Type Price USD ($)
    Deluxe Room
    Super Deluxe Room
    Extra Bed
    Conference Hall
    Suite Room

  • Name: Novem Ecoresort
    Address: Bishamoni Sreemangal, Moulvibazar
    Contact Number: +880-1709882000

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